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QRepublik. Since 2014.

QRepublik is a French-Russian company that develops cloud based systems of medical data storage and medical IDs since 2014.

HQ are located in Strasbourg, France and Moscow, Russia.

QRepublik Products are widely spread abound the world: USA, Europe, CIS, Australia

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Technological benchmark of QRepublik IDs is its innovative multilanguage system of depersonalized storage and analysis of medical data.
Smart QR-codes and chat-bots are used for getting information from the IDs.
QRepublik systems support 24 languages so its products can be used in different areas: classic medical, medical tourism, social and tourist.
Flexible architecture allows to easily integrate with outer databases, add targeted functions, do researches on depersonalized medical data.


QRepublik participates in various international HealthTech events

Dusseldorf, Germany

GHF 2018
Geneva, Switzerland

BIO 2018
Boston, MA, USA

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SLUSH 2018


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QRepublik's plans of product and technology development are spread over several continents. Become our partner


Basic function of QRepublik IDs is providing medical and contact information about a person in emergency situations, notifications and translations. All the information about a person can be changed via personal profile page or by integrating with outer databases.
List of information is unlimited: medical (blood type, diseases, taken medicine, allergies, implants, hospitals etc.) and tourist (hotel, insurance, tour operator etc.)
It is also easy to manage different IDs connected to one profile and different profiles connected to one account. This makes QRepublik services comfortable for family use.

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