ID activation

Scan the QR-code

Open up any QR-scanner app and point on QR-code you have on your ID. A webpage should appear.

For iOS users QR-scanner is installed in camera.

ID activation

Type in the ID key

If asked, type in the 8-symbol ID number which is located under your QR-code in the text field and press the green button.

ID activation

Log in or sign up

Log in if you have QRepublik profile or create a new one. You can use your e-mail, phone or social network for it.

Please note that in case of chosing an e-mail way, you will need to confirm the address by following the sink that will be sent to you.

ID activation

Choose a profile

If you already have an account on QRepublik, the system offers you to attach the ID to your existing profile or create a new one (ex. for your family member) in case you want to manage them from one account.

ID activation

Control your data

You can manage your data easily on your profile page. Add, edit and delete as you wish. The information you save there is shown when ID is scanned.

Please note that QRepublik keeps the information safe from illegal stealing but do not take responsibility for the quality and correctness of information provided by the ID owner. Any mistakes in such information can cause serious harm so please be accurate.

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