QRepublik ID

Smart non-electronic secure emergency QR IDs


A wearable with a QR-code linked to a web profile

Provides vital information in emergency from a QRepublik Key secure web profile by a scan of a QR-code

Control your data

One account - multiple profiles

Manage the data that is shown when the QR-code is scanned via web page. As an addition, you can connect multiple profiles to one account like your kids' and all of them can have multiple IDs

Functions inside

Use built-in services

QMS offers multiple securely targeted services to the owners of the IDs right at the top of the profile page

For whom

It's about everyone

QRepublik ID helps when a person needs an assitance: this can be an aged person, a person with disabilities, simple skier or a tourist in a foreign country

ID types


Strong nylon bracelet with a QR inside


A nozzle for watch strap


Stylish silicone bracelet


Light ID for passport, plastic card or back of your phone


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R&D are done with a grant assistance of Skolkovo Foundation

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